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Welcome to the website of the Association for the Control of Forex Companies in the Commonwealth of Nations.

About ACFC

The Association for the Control of Forex Companies in the Commonwealth of Nations – the main goal of the association is to make the retail OTC Forex market a full-fledged sector of the financial industry in countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of effective mechanisms for fulfillment the OTC Forex market, which are necessary for development, transparency, convenience and protection of the interests of all its participants. ACFC is engaged in the development and implementation of standards and rules for the activities of its members, monitors compliance with them, and also conducts an analysis of the activities of ACFC participating companies. One of the results of ACFC is the continuous improvement of the quality of service in the Forex market. ACFC develops the principles and rules of professional activity, as well as unified standards of business turnover and behavior of ACFC members.

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    Our aim

    We aim to make financial markets work well so that consumers get a fair deal

    Protecting consumers

    We secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers

    Enhancing market integrity

    We protect and enhance the integrity of the Commonwealth of Nations financial system

    Promoting competition

    We promote effective competition in the interests of consumers

    Certified Members

    Provide all information and copies of all company documents

    Pass a quality audit at ACFC

    Make a membership fee to the compensation fund

    Provide a weekly report